I chose the domain AllThingsJacq.com because I wanted a site that was just for me. Not only the outdoor me, which many people know through my previous web sites, Strictly Smokies and Mountain Memoirs, but the entire me. After all, I'm only human and have varied interests.

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About each area of the site:

The writing portion of the site is extremely varied. It contains much of the content from previous web sites that I've maintained over the years, as well as more recent prose (and the occasional poem). Though there exists a strong emphasis on natural history and outdoor recreation, it is by no means the sole focus.

Interactive fiction is a unique and lovely blend of short story fiction, electronic literature, and game play. Formerly known as text adventures, these are thought by many to a thing of the past, but I'm fairly active in today's IF community. Downloads of my forays into IF are available here, as well as current information on IntroComp (an IF writing competition that I organize each year) and ClubFloyd (a weekly IF club).

Photography, particularly landscape and nature photography, is a favorite hobby of mine. This portion of the site contains a number of photo essays that I've written over the years.

Miscellany, as you might have guessed, is my general catch-all for anything else I'd like to post on the web. Book and video game reviews, favorite quotations, thoughts on yoga and meditation, and a downloadable copy of my master's thesis can be found here.