Premise:Someone (or an animal) has swallowed something important! Bonus points for limiting the number of nouns used! Super-bonus points for using five nouns or less!

Things is a SpeedIF that I wrote with Sam Kabo Ashwell, and we took that whole limiting the number of nouns used thing to heart (no pun intended, for those of you that caught it). If you've got a few minutes to burn, I recommend it if only so that you can laugh at our desperate attempt to write in complete sentences while avoiding the use of any nouns other than the word thing:

Mountainous Pretty Encompassing Thing
All around you, mountainous unimplemented things rise up into the lofty heavenly unimplemented thing. Beneath your pedal things, the well-worn linear pedestrian unimplemented thing descends into the lower geographically interstitial unimplemented thing. Nestled among the rocky unimplemented things, a notably implemented rustic wooden structural sheltering thing awaits. It looks promisingly warm.


You can download it here.

If you're new to interactive fiction, I would recommend a visit to A Beginner's Guide to Playing Interactive Fiction before you download anything.